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All you need to know about electronic cigarettes

Are you looking for ways to quit smoking?

If you’re looking for ways to quit smoking, electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes just might be your solution. Sites like offer e-cigarettes and advice about them. E-cigarettes have been a big hype since their invention. Some say they are a healthier alternative to the traditional tobacco cigarette but some studies proved that they were just as bad for your health. So what are e-cigarettes exactly and should you switch from traditional smoking to e-cigarettes?

Most smokers know how difficult it is to quit the habit. For some people it takes years to quit the habit. Other people start another addiction when they quit smoking. Numerous methods are being created to help smokers quit. Allen Carr top tips on how to stop smoking is one example. This method suggests that the process of quitting is often tackled wrong by many smokers which is why they aren’t successful in quitting the habit. There are of course numerous other methods, hacks and products out there that are said to help smokers with the quitting process. Hacks like chewing gum, trying out an intensive sport are well-known. One other way to quit is using the well-known e-cigarettes instead of the traditional cigarette.

What are E-cigarettes and why are they said to be better?  

E-cigarettes are battery-powered devices in the form of a traditional cigarette. They vaporize nicotine in liquid form in order to imitate traditional smoking. Smoking an e-cigarette can give a similar sensation as that of smoking cigarettes but in the case of an e-cigarette the sensation comes from the nicotine in vapor and not from smoke.  E-cigarettes are said to be healthier than traditional cigarettes because they don’t have any tobacco in them. Next to that they are cheaper than the regular since most of them are refillable and last way longer than the traditional cigarette. One major reason some people prefer the e-cigarette is because it doesn’t affect the by-smokers as much as traditional ones.

On the contrary…

There has been a lot of controversy about e-cigarettes however. An article on proves that regulators in some places even prohibit the use of e-cigarettes, just like they did with the traditional cigarettes. There are many reasons for this. Some officials believe that smoking e-cigarettes can still be a trigger for the people around you to try smoking. Other than that, there are numerous studies that say e-cigarettes are just as bad for your health. One reason for this is the chemical reaction that occur in an e-cigarette while smoking it.   

Going electronic

Since there hasn’t been a definite answer on whether e-cigarettes are better than traditional tobacco cigarettes or not, many people still choose to go electronic in an attempt to quit smoking. If you choose to try out e-cigs there are a couple of things you should be cautious of especially when choosing a brand and where to buy the cigarette. These cigarettes can be bought almost everywhere and a lot of people even buy them online. The prices of e-cigarettes vary from site to site and some of the prices are very tempting. It is however to beware cheap e cigs for many reasons.  One reason is that you’re health is hugely affected by these cigarettes so you want to make sure you don’t buy a version with cheap ingredients or one that is poorly manufactured. There have even been cases where e-cigarettes have exploded and you wouldn’t want that to happen to you either. Another important reason is that a cheaply bought e-cig from an untrustworthy source might even harm your computer. Why? You may ask.  The reason is that some people use the USB chargers of these e-cigarettes to spread malware. To avoid this make sure that you’re buying your cigarettes from a trustworthy source.

The process of quitting a bad habit is always very challenging. Some people are more successful with quitting smoking and are able to quit very easily while others take years to quit their habit. Others just give up trying to quit because it stresses them out so much. Luckily there are ways to make the process easier and the key is to find the method or product that works best for you. Trying e-cigarettes is a very popular method and has helped a lot of people kick off traditional cigarettes. The e-cigarette however is only the first step. You have to be able to quit that as well, to be completely successful in quitting the smoking habit and living a better and a more healthy life focusing on the beauty of life. 



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